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DanMagi offers the ultimate in-store data analytics tool designed for large retail corporations.

Revolutionize Retail with DanMagi's In-Store Analytics

In the world of retail, WiFi analytics had the potential to revolutionise the industry until the advent of Mac randomisation in 2015. Since then, retailers have struggled to gather meaningful in-store data. Let DanMagi show you how we can provide this data not only in-store but across all your retail locations.

Real-Time Analytics

DanMagi's key advantage is real-time analytics, and we circumvent the Mac randomisation challenge because our solution is truly cloud-based.

This means your store can identify and understand shoppers, track their previous visits, measure dwell-time, and even map their footsteps throughout the store.

When used effectively, this information empowers your store to proactively promote monthly offers or engage with shoppers more directly.


Actionable Metrics for Informed Decisions

For those shoppers who choose not to join the WiFi network, your store can still collect data, enabling accurate and clearer conversion tracking. Some common metrics that can be extracted from this data include:

  • Customer Footprint
  • Conversion Rate
  • Redemption Rate
  • New vs. Returning Customer Spend
  • ROI for Marketing Efforts
  • Cost Per Acquisition

Additionally, you will gain real-time visibility of the busiest hours in your store, allowing you to allocate staff accordingly or focus on checkout points during peak times.



Usage Control and Cost Management: DanMagi offers the capability to effectively manage and control onboard usage, resulting in cost savings. It also allows for the provision of tiered services and ensures compliance with future data retention regulations.

Optimised Connection Selection: DanMagi empowers operators to select the most cost-effective and efficient connections, leading to significant cost reductions.

Hybrid SaaS Solution: DanMagi can seamlessly function as a high-quality Software as a Service (SaaS) solution within the onboard VM environment of ships' data centers. This versatile capability can even serve as a server on older vessels.

Centralised Access Control: DanMagi enables centralised access control of individuals both onboard vessels and while transitioning between vessels. This ensures streamlined and secure connectivity management.


At DanMagi we believe in making the process of implementing our cloud Wi-Fi solutions as seamless and transparent as possible.

Beginning with a thorough consultation, we tailor a solution to meet specific business needs. The process involves a detailed assessment, proposal, and agreement, followed by a dedicated team handling deployment, configuration, testing, and activation. Ongoing support ensures a reliable and secure Wi-Fi network, with client input valued throughout the journey.

We take pride in collaborating closely with you every step of the way to ensure your wireless network aligns perfectly with your business needs.

  1. Our journey begins with an initial consultation where we delve deep into your specific Wi-Fi needs and objectives. We encourage you to share your vision and any challenges you're facing.
  2. Following this consultation, our team conducts a thorough assessment of your Wi-Fi requirements, covering aspects like coverage, capacity, and security. We analyse your network infrastructure, gathering vital information to create a tailored cloud Wi-Fi solution.
  3. Based on our assessment, we provide a detailed project proposal that outlines the scope of work, timelines, and cost estimates. Once approved, we formalize the agreement, clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and project milestones.
  4. With the agreement in place, we schedule a project kick-off meeting to introduce you to our dedicated team members who will bring your cloud Wi-Fi project to life. We establish open lines of communication, set up cloud-based management tools, and provide access to necessary resources.
  5. Our expert team takes over during the deployment phase, ensuring that the cloud Wi-Fi solution is set up and configured to meet your unique requirements. We seamlessly integrate it with your existing network infrastructure and devices.
  6. Before activation, we conduct rigorous testing to identify and resolve any performance or security issues. We implement quality assurance measures to guarantee a reliable and secure Wi-Fi network.
  7. Upon successful testing, we activate the cloud Wi-Fi solution, delivering a secure and scalable wireless network. Our support team remains at your service to address immediate needs, troubleshoot issues, and provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

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